Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome To The New Huntsville Swing Dance Society Website!

Our mission is to preserve and promote the art form of social swing dancing. Whether you are a beginner or you have been dancing for years we have something for you!

Our new and improved website should streamline the process of finding the information you need quickly. If you are new and want to know where to take classes or if you have been dancing for awhile and you just want to know where the monthly dances are this is the right place for you!

Friday, December 19, 2014

My Lindy Kraze Presents: The Low-Down Sires!

What: The Low-Down Sires
When: 17 January 2015, 8pm - 2am
Where: Flying Monkey Arts Center, Huntsville, AL
Cost: $15

For January, Jason and Danielle Knight will be hosting the HSDS dancers as part of My Lindy Kraze! What this means for you is that the music and dancing will be awesome! 

This will also be the inaugural dance for our BRAND NEW EXPANDED DANCE FLOOR!

The Low-Down Sires are dedicated to the lost sounds of early jazz, inspired by the compositions and arrangements of Joe “King” Oliver, Edward “Kid” Ory, Jelly Roll Morton, and other giants from the storied origins of the art form. Their raucous style predates the smoother sounds of big band swing and the intellectualism of modern jazz and transports you to the streets of New Orleans and the barrelhouses of early 20th century Mississippi river towns. Their performance style is at once hard hitting and intimate, fitting in easily well at bars, back-porches, swing dances, and street corners.  For more information on the band to to listen to a sneak peek of the music we have in store for you in January, check out

Come on out and join all the workshop attendees on our amazing new expanded dance floor at this awesome dance! 

*Please note, there is no beginner lesson before this dance.*
ABOUT MY LINDY KRAZE: My Lindy Kraze is a weekend long dance workshop that brings in talented dance instructors from all over the United States to teach hours and hours of high caliber classes on vintage jazz dancing.  This year they will be focusing on the musicality in your dancing. Let them help you bring out the YOU in your dancing! Get ready for MORE shenanigans, MORE fun, MORE music, and many more awesome times! If you're interested in finding out more about the  full weekend workshop visit for more information!

Friday, November 14, 2014

HSDS Presents: The Huntsville Regional Meet-Up!

What: The Huntsville Regional Meet Up & Swing Scene Triathlon
When: 13 December 2014, 7pm - 2am
Where: Flying Monkey Arts Center, Huntsville, AL
Cost: General - $10, Students $7

It's that time of year again where The Huntsville Swing Dance Society opens up it's doors and invites all of the southeast to descend upon it for one glorious annual meet up and this year we are stepping it up a notch.

To spice things up, this year we're introducing a swing scene triathlon! Each scene will battle with their best DJs, their best 30secs of group choreography*, and their best social dancing skills to see which regional scene reigns supreme!

Who do you think will win!?

And because we want to make this event ridiculously amazing, we are also hosting a one day Steal Jams workshop earlier that day with Jon Tigert and Jenna Applegarth! So if you have dreams of entering and exiting steal jams like a stealth ninja, we're throwing down 3 hours of nifty tricks, fancy grabs and all around low down thievery. Best of all it's only $30 and includes the cost of admission into the regional meet-up that evening! More info on that can be found here:

Let the games begin!

So to Recap:

December 13th
Steal Jam Workshop with Jon Tigert & Jenna Applegarth: 1pm-4pm
Beginner Lindy Hop Lesson: 7pm-8pm
Dance & Swing Scene Triathlon: 8pm-2am

Dance & Workshop: ONLY $30!!!
Dance Only: $7 Student $10 General

Workshop: Madison Ballroom
Dance & Swing Scene Triathlon: Flying Monkey Theatre

Join the event on facebook and let us know you are coming HERE!

*We don't want to give away too much about the triathlon but here is a bit more info on the group routine: the 30sec group routine is just supposed to be a quick fun something something that your scene could throw together in an hour or so, don't stress out about it, in fact we'll give you enough time during the day between the jam steals workshop and the dance that you guys could even just make it up when you get here! 30secs is also not a hard and fast time limit, but we'd like to keep things between 30-60secs :) Feel free to message us with any questions!